Texas Gun Law: Armed & Educated

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Firearms instructors and law enforcement professionals across Texas are calling “Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated” the authoritative guide on Texas firearms law. Discover the answers to questions all gun owners should know, such as: “What should I do after I shoot someone?,” “Can I have a gun in my car while in a gun-free school zone?,” and “Can I get sued for shooting an intruder?” (Hint: Yes, you can!)

Written by attorneys with a passion for firearms, Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated provides Texas gun owners the tools necessary to help prevent a catastrophic mistake that could result in a financial meltdown and legal nightmare. Texas Law Shield has observed while protecting their 260,000+ members that even though most feel confident, the average gun owner does not know enough gun law to stay completely legal. It is the law that distinguishes murder from self-defense, so if you own a gun and don’t know the law, you are vulnerable! Get Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated today!

“This book is a “must read” for any Texan who owns a gun. The authors have skillfully cut through the legalese and produced a format that is easy for the average Joe to utilize and understand. If its true that knowledge is power, then this book is a heavyweight.”

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