2-Hour Private Pistol Instruction Session

private instructionThis is a 2-Hour Private Instruction Session for those new to handguns, or those who wish to enhance their techniques. The session is held at Abilene Gun Club, an outdoor shooting range Just southeast of Lake Fort Phantom, north of Abilene.

The fee for this session is $140, and includes private instruction for ONE -OR- TWO people! Range fee is included! (If you have a discount/coupon code, you can enter it at the payment screen.)

During the session, we begin with the fundamentals of range safety and safe gun handling. We then talk about the various types of handguns, the names and descriptions of the various parts, and how they operate. We go over the four fundamentals of good marksmanship, in detail, then move into learning to manipulate the gun with dummy ammo. Afterwards, we go right into live fire, utilizing various practice drills so that even the novice shooter will be able to shoot a gun safely, accurately, and with confidence. Finally, we finish with disassembly of the gun, cleaning, maintenance, and reassembly.

All you’ll need to provide is your gun, about 50 rounds of ammo, eye protection (sunglasses or prescription glasses will be fine), and ear protection. We have disposable ear plugs for free if you need them.

If you don’t have a gun to use for the session, we will provide one for you, with AMMO INCLUDED, for only $30!

Although there are specific dates/times on the calendar, sessions can also be arranged by special appointment for OTHER times. Contact Us for more info.

Check the CALENDAR for available dates.