Lance Mitchell
About Lone Star Gun Training:
Meet the Business Owner

Lone Star Gun Training’s owner and lead instructor, Lance Mitchell, started the business in 2011 in order to share the passion he had for responsible gun ownership, and to educate others about the knowledge, skills, and attitude to do so in Texas.

After receiving his Texas Concealed Handgun License, Lance became keenly interested in the political, moral, and legal issues involved in carrying a handgun on a daily basis. It was that keen interest that sparked the desire to become an NRA Instructor, and Texas DPS certified CHL/LTC instructor.

LSGT offers private training in pistol/rifle/shotgun marksmanship and safety, with training being geared towards those with little to no experience. They also offer License to Carry (LTC) classes, fulfilling one of the requirements for getting a LTC license. Private training is offered by appointment; and, LTC classes are held on weekends. All training/classes are held in North Abilene, with the shooting range being just southeast of Lake Fort Phantom.

LSGT welcomes inquiries regarding private classes, corporate training, and special events. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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