5 Things to Get You Motivated to “Every Day Carry”

5 Things to Get You Motivated to “Every Day Carry”

5 Things5 Things to Get You Motivated to “Every Day Carry”

How often do you carry your handgun? Rarely? Only every now and then? Why not carry every day?! Here are 5 things that you can do to help you get motivated to carrying every day.

Make Concealed Carry part of your morning routine.

You get up, brush your teeth, shower, shave, eat breakfast, dress yourself, and get ready for your day generally the same way most mornings. By placing your concealed carry handgun and holster into that process, you are forming the habit of carrying concealed. If your concealed carry holster goes inside your waistband after you finish buckling your belt, you know it’s a part of your lifestyle. Take pride in this morning process because it is enabling you to lead a happier, safer life.

Take your gun to work (if allowed).

If allowed by company policy and state law, take your gun with you to work. Not only will you feel safer when you exit the building, but you’ll have the assurance you have some means to protect yourself while you’re there.

Invite a friend to the range.

Making your gun part of your life is as easy as getting to use it. The more proficient you become with your concealed carry pistol, the more confident you will be while using it. The more confidence you have built into that tool, the more you can see yourself never being parted from it. Nothing builds that confidence quite like inviting a friend or family member to go to the range with you. It’s an opportunity not only to reinforce your own skills but to help out someone new. When people see guns at work at a range or other controlled environment, they begin to realize these are tools. Tools can be fun and they can be respected. A concealed carry gun is just a tool that happens to be extremely effective at protecting you from harm.

Join a shooting organization.

Join a shooting organization like the IPSC, IDPA, or others, that can help reinforce carrying concealed as a habit. Because you are in a gun club or gun organization, you’ll have a new reason to practice regularly. You will even have other people who are there to support you in your activities. This can be great reinforcement for when you’re carrying out in town and in your own personal life. It will normalize the activity.

Find the right concealed carry holster.

If carrying a concealed handgun feels safe, you’re more likely to do it. For new concealed carriers, their major issues usually revolve around worrying about negligent discharges, getting caught out in public with a gun, or interacting with police officers. Negligent discharges are easy to avoid. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire and keep your gun holstered in a holster that grips the gun and protects the trigger. Those two things will eliminate any chance of a negligent discharge.

Carrying a concealed handgun every single day enables you to have access to a life-saving tool. Don’t be complacent. Your life could depend upon it. Carry everyday.

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